Oral Cancer Detector

We recommend that you be screened for oral cancer during your initial comprehensive examination as well as during every hygiene visit!

It is projected that 35,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, causing approximately 7,500 deaths. The high death rate is not because oral cancer is hard to detect, but because it is commonly found at such a late stage. Therefore, the key to preventing these deaths is early detection of oral lesions.

At Dover Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are the front line in oral cancer screening and prevention. Since many cancerous and precancerous oral tissues may go undetected until stage four or five—when the rate of survival is drastically reduced—That is why we feel that it is vital that you are screened with the VELscope powered by Sapphire adjunctive lesion detection device.  This is an optional service for patients but we encourage it for all!  We charge a nominal fee for this service ($25.00).  Most insurance companies may cover it!

VELscope by Sapphire Image

Patients with known high-risk factors such as tobacco use, excessive or frequent alcohol use, and aged 40 years or older are at highest risk for oral cancer; however, recent research has found that over 25% of oral cancers are discovered in patients with no known risk factors and the STI HPV is on the rise. Therefore, we are committed to screening every patient over the age of 18 years at each hygiene appointment. There are no health risks, harmful effects, or unpleasantness associated with this very important exam. 
Overall, Early Detection is vital to preventing and treating oral cancer!

Dr. Dover will be happy to utilize this new system for screening oral cancer for yourself as well as your entire family!