Sapphire Supreme Whitening System

The Sapphire Supreme Whitening System is one of the newest innovations in cosmetic dentistry!

There are several benefits to this wonderful whitening system:

Zero sensitivity

With Sapphire Professional Whitening, you can bid farewell to sensitivity - the most common complaint about whitening. Not even a pre-treatment Aspirin is needed when you use this breakthrough chairside formula. This is the more gentle way to whiten.

Easy maintenance for lasting results

Not only can you create bright, white smiles with Sapphire Professional Whitening, but also included in the kit is everything you need to maintain that radiance. Sapphire After Care is a complete maintenance kit with Sapphire Take Home Whitening and Sapphire Brilliance Toothpaste. Sapphire combines the speed of in office whitening with the longevity available with home whitening.

Unbelievable brilliance and health

Sapphire Professional Whitening allows you to achieve dramatic results quickly. When used with the Sapphire Supreme Light, the system is proven to whiten smiles up to 7 shades in only 30 minutes. Sapphire Professional Whitening also allows you the flexibility to whitened smiles without light activation. Beyond beautifying smiles you can also protect them from demineralization and caries, thanks to the integrated fluoride.

Patient Aftercare Instructions

Our office also offers the Sapphire Home Whitening Kit!

Sapphire Home Whitening 3 Minutes per day is all it takes!

Other systems require 30 minutes a day, while Sapphire Home Whitening is proven to whiten smiles up to 9 shades with only 3 minutes of wear a day for two weeks - that's a total treatment time of only 42 minutes!

Sapphire Take-Home

Sapphire is synonymous with sensitivity-free

You can rely on the Sapphire name to deliver quick results without sensitivity. In a recent clinical study no patient complained of whitening sensitivity! Researchers were amazed!

Universal appeal

Quick, convenient and sensitivity-free Sapphire Home Whitening is a pleasant option for you! At home-whitening systems are proven to effect a color change on tooth structure, therefore making Sapphire Home Whitening the optimum choice for any patient.


Patient Take Home Whitening Aftercare Instructions