Virtually Pain-Free Anesthesia

Townsend Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is now using a new computerized anesthesia system called STA or Single Tooth Anesthesia. The STA system releases a precise amount of anesthesia throughout your dental procedure to insure no pain either from the injections or the work your dentist is doing. Only the area worked on is numbed!

The STA needle doesn’t even look like a syringe! The tiny needle is significantly smaller than traditional dental needles (it looks like a wand or pen with a small needle at the end) and eliminates the typical numbness and often embarrassing drooling that you normally experience from a trip to the dentist.

What Does This Means for You?

Without the normal full face numbness you can visit the dentist and no longer worry about having to wait hours before you can speak or drink a cup of coffee without drooling or having a fat lip and lopsided face!

Many people have had bad experiences with dental injections: the STA system eliminates that ‘bee sting’ effect with computer controlled, automatically released anesthesia! These doses of anesthesia are released below your pain threshold – without utilizing the dreaded dental syringe.

A little spray to numb the gum then a slow release of slow, small doses of anesthesia through the computerized system guarantees you won’t feel a thing.
Patient comfort is our #1 concern.  We are excited about this new product and look forward to sharing it with you! 

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